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Small groups of hotels or apartments

TravelStay Network uniquely offers a group level service.This includes a hotel group login and hotel group booking services, such as dedicated websites for customers to choose, filter and book a room from within your hotel group only. Group level representation is also provided throughout the TravelStay Network of Sites and Distribution Partners. Some small hotel groups clients receive over £650K p.a. through the service. List one of your hotels or apartments now and receive a dedicated account manager and free marketing, distribution, listings and website services.

Independent hotels

TravelStay have partnered with independent hotels since 2001 to identify and leverage your unique benefits in order to differentiate and stand out from the crowd. We provide reputation management tools to promote your best reviews on TripAdvisor, Google reviews and beyond. We work closely with you to provide bench-marking advise and services to enable your independent hotel to compete with the big chains without reducing your average daily rate. Individual independent hotels are receiving over £550K p.a. through the service. List your hotel now for a free listing, uniquely researched and written by our editorial team to maximise your branding and offering.


Customers specifically rely upon TravelStay for finding self catering short stay and long stay accommodation. Apartment accommodation offers an ideal and heavily booked alternative to hotels for our end users. Apartment providers can also receive access to our full suite of revenue and distribution services, including a two way connection with AirBnB. Individual apartments are achieving 92% occupancy through our free to use services. List your apartment now to receive both short and long term bookings.

Bed and Breakfasts

A strong proportion of UK domestic leisure and business travel are specifically looking for our bed and breakfast offering. We provide bed and breakfast hotels with vast exposure to leverage the benefit of their offering, which uniquely offers inclusive breakfast packages at the time of booking. Some small independent bed and breakfast hotels with only 12 rooms are receiving over £120K through our service. List your bed and breakfast now to make the most of your unique offering.


Receive exposure and booking revenue from our group booking team. Our specialist advisers have been placing loyal clients for over 20 years. Group clients range include the full range of groups, including educational, working and tourist stay markets. Some independent hostels receive over £500K p.a. through the service. List your hostel now, it's free, quick and easy to do.

University accommodation

TravelStay have offered Universities white label booking services and carefully produced listing literature throughout TravelStay Network since 2001. Partnering with Kings College London, LSE, and universities across the UK since 2001 to deliver bespoke booking services and strong revenues (over £1.5m p.a.) to meet their exact requirements. List your university accommodation to find out how we can provide an easy to use, hassle free booking solution.

Group and long-stay accommodation

Repeat clients are looking for new and improved accommodation offerings all of the time. List your accommodation now to reach the thousands of group and long stay accommodation clients who rely upon our services.